Got Knee Pain? 5 Easy Exercises for Knee Pain

Millions of people in the US suffer from knee pain and it is big business. From cortisone shots to knee braces to knee replacements, knee pain costs American’s millions of dollars a year. But did you know exercise can be helpful for knee pain?┬áThis study by NIH showed that ” In between-group comparisons, the maximumContinue reading “Got Knee Pain? 5 Easy Exercises for Knee Pain”

Exercise… its not just for weight loss!

So, you’ve been exercising for about a month. Maybe walking 5 days a week, or going to the gym and working out, but you haven’t lost a &*&^% pound! I mean what’s the use? Why put in all this work if you’re not going to look like a bikini model right?! Well the dirty littleContinue reading “Exercise… its not just for weight loss!”

Fitness Tips For Regular People

So when you become a Personal Trainer and start and Instagram page, you get followed by lots of other Personal Trainers. I look through their posts and think “good God this is so not me!” There are lots of impressive physiques, young fit bodies, wash board abs, perfect butts,and fabulous arms! Bodies like that takeContinue reading “Fitness Tips For Regular People”

Welcome to Agewell Senior Fitness

Welcome! Let me tell you a bit about my self. My name is Katrina Wolf. I have worked in the field of physical therapy since 1997 and I truly love it. Over the years my passion has evolved. When I graduated from college I just wanted to help people but as I spent more timeContinue reading “Welcome to Agewell Senior Fitness”

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