“Katrina is one of the most highly skilled PTAs I have had the pleasure to work with and an outstanding clinician.  I trust her implicitly with my medically complex, frail, and neurological patients, and confident she can create a fitness program safely for them.  Her enthusiasm, sunny disposition, and passion for her patients is reflected in treatment she provides.  Katrina gently guides and motivates patients to achieve their goals, and knows how to get them there safely.   As a PT with over 30 years’ experience working with the complex medical and neurological patients, it is extremely rare to find a fitness trainer who possesses the skill needed to work this population (and that I would feel comfortable to suggest).   It’s even more rare to find one who has the compassion and love in what they do.  Katrina is that rare find!!”    -Jay Berger, PT, CDS


“Katrina’s enthusiasm for her job is contagious. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy and very encouraging. My training sessions with her are a bright spot in my week.” -MJD


“I have used this trainer for about six months. She took me from sitting in a recliner (including sleeping in it) for over two years and using a wheelchair around the house to walking unassisted in the house and only using a walking stick when I go out. She is very patient, competent and confident. She will not hurt you. She will challenge you to gradually regain strength and balance. I was very fortunate to find her”- PK

“After spinal cord surgery almost three years ago, I went to Physical Therapy for 10 months. Katrina has taken me further in the three months I’ve worked with her than all that PT. She plans your work out specifically to address your particular needs. She watches each move intently to ensure proper form and is upbeat and encouraging. So happy I found her” -AF


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