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Welcome! Let me tell you a bit about my self. My name is Katrina Wolf. I have worked in the field of physical therapy since 1997 and I truly love it. Over the years my passion has evolved. When I graduated from college I just wanted to help people but as I spent more time in the field I found my calling in working with older adults and neurological conditions. I find neuro-rehab fascinating, no two people are the same. I have spent the last 15+ years working in home health, which I find very rewarding. There is nothing quite like helping people maintain their independence in their own home. However, the time would come for discharge, patients no longer had “skilled need” they just needed to continue to exercise. Often physical therapy was finished but the patients weren’t! They wanted to continue to progress but were afraid or nervous about going it alone. They didn’t want to go to the gym or maybe even couldn’t get there. They didn’t want to do outpatient or maybe had finished out patient therapy. This is where Agewell Senior Fitness was born. I wanted to help these people! I had been on my own health and fitness journey and recently found my way back to making healthy lifestyle choices. Fitness had become my other passion. I wanted to meld the two. So I got my ACSM Personal Training Certification and started Agewell Senior Fitness. My goal is to work with people, older adults and/or people recovering from health issues or living with chronic conditions, and help them continue improving their quality of life after physical therapy has ended. “When Therapy Ends And Life Begins”

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