How Senior Care Is More Than Just Home Care, It’s About Getting Stronger

Why You Should Hire A Trainer for Your Seniors

As our parents grow older, they can lose strength. This is because as you age, the physiological processes of your body tend to decline. You may decide to hire a home caregiver to help your parents with daily activities. But it is also crucial to hire a trainer who can improve your parent’s strength and balance.

Physical activity is an essential aspect of caring for seniors. There are many benefits that they receive from the exercises the trainer teaches them. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of hiring a personal trainer for aging adults.

It Improves the strength of muscles
When you hire a trainer for your parent as part of your home care strategy, you are helping them improve their strength and balance. As people age, muscles become weaker which can be made worse by inactivity.

Some seniors tend to develop medical conditions like osteoporosis that to increase the risk of hip fractures. Therefore, engaging in physical activity helps strengthen muscles and improves bone density, improving the general well-being of your parent.

Exercise boosts digestion
People who engage in regular exercise tend to be healthier and have better immune systems. Proper nutrition is also important for a healthy immune system. Physical activity can help your body system to digest and absorb nutrients effectively.

Cases of constipation are also common among seniors and this can be improved through exercise. Exercise encourages one to drink more water and physical activity stimulates intestinal activity, which can relieve constipation.

Exercise Improves mental health
Apart from physical health, regular exercise will also improve mental health in older adults. Many older adults spend time alone which can lead to mental and emotional conditions like dementia, depression, and many others.

Hiring a personal trainer for your parent allows for more frequent social interaction, reducing feelings of isolation.  In addition, exercise also improves sleep. Insomnia can be caused by poor mental health, and exercise is known to improve both mental health and improve sleep patterns.

Exercise controls weight gain
Statistics show that cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death among seniors. Cardiovascular disease is mainly caused by poor nutritional practices and a lack of physical activity. In the aspect of senior care, physical activity should also be prioritized alongside proper nutritional practices. When practiced together, seniors are able to manage weight and decrease cardiovascular risk factors.

How to Hire the Best Trainer for Your Parent
Understanding the benefits of exercise for seniors, it is important to understand how you can choose the best trainer for your loved one. Here are some of the things to consider before hiring a trainer for your parent.

Experience and qualifications
What are the qualifications and experience of the trainer? How much experience does the trainer have working with older clients or clients with health conditions? Do they have an education or certifications specific to working with seniors and the unique challenges that come with that? Also, do they have experience working with the type of client similar to your parent?

Aging adults have all kinds of fitness levels, some may be very active and some may be sedentary and homebound with many diagnoses to consider. The trainer you choose should have experience with the type of client similar to your parent.

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