Help for my Loved One

Have you noticed your parent or loved one slowing down? Do they need more help than they used to? Do you worry about them when you aren’t there? Maybe they are dealing with with a health condition such as Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke or Dementia, therefore causing stress and anxiety.

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Our certified Personal Trainers are also experienced rehab professionals. We specialize in helping older adults and those with health conditions improve strength, balance and endurance, improving quality of live and independence.


Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. One in four adults over 65 will fall each year. Our trainers/therapists understand the systems of balance and how they work together. Most importantly our trainers/therapists have extensive experience in balance training and, improving all systems of balance.


As you age you also lose muscle mass and therefore strength. Loss of strength in older adults increases likely hood of falls and fractures, and in addition, decreases ability to perform self care task. Therefore reducing independence. But the good news is you can improve strength at any age. Progressive strength training programs have been proven to improve strength and muscle mass in older adults. Our trainers/therapists are experienced in developing progressive strength training programs. You are never too old to improve!

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