Virtual Training Sessions

Has your gym closed?

Have your group classes been canceled?

At Agewell Senior Fitness we are always trying to meet the needs of our clients. Due to the mass closure of senior centers and gyms, we see the need to assist people in their own homes!

We are proud to meet the needs of those maintaining social distance by staying in their own homes by providing One on One virtual instruction!


55$ for 30 min session (ideal for older deconditioned clients)

70$ for 45 min session (most popular)

Still not sure?

Set up a free 15 min virtual call today!


What do I need for virtual training?

You need an internet connection, and a computer or tablet with a camera. Depending on your mobility you may want someone to spot you for balance training .

How is this different than You Tube classes on virtual classes?

Virtual classes are great! However they are general classes that address general fitness. One on one training sessions provide exercise instruction specifically for your level of fitness. On line classes may be too hard or too easy. With a virtual session we can adjust your exercise program in real time to meet your needs, as well as assuring your are performing exercises correctly.

Do I need equipment?

Having exercise equipment like hand weights or elastic bands is helpful. But, depending on your fitness level, you can use water bottles or cans for weights, also body weight exercises can be very effective.

I have a health condition (like Parkinson’s or Stroke), is virtual training for me?

Absolutely! We can address your individual needs even with a special health condition. If you use an assistive  device to walk, you may need a spotter for balance training, but we can address your individual needs.

How do I pay for sessions?

We can send an invoice right to your inbox where you can pay by checking account or credit card. We also take Venmo and Cash App. Pay per session or purchase several sessions.

CONTACT US Today to schedule a FREE 15 min virtual meeting to see if Virtual training is right for you!

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