Mobility Loss Puts Older Adults at Risk: Research Shows Exercise Can Help

Today’s blog post is a guest post from the MPH online program at Baylor University. November 06, 2019 More than 49 million adults in the United States are now 65 and older, and this number is increasing rapidly, (PDF, 691 KB) External link  according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That growth is fueled by lower fertility andContinue reading “Mobility Loss Puts Older Adults at Risk: Research Shows Exercise Can Help”

Resistance and Strength Training for Adults over 55.

Is your exercise program enough? As the the baby boomers age the number of adults over 55 is growing rapidly. They call it “The Silver Tsunami” I’ve worked with aging adults over the last 22 years and there is definitely a shift in mind set in the baby boomer generation. For one, they are moreContinue reading “Resistance and Strength Training for Adults over 55.”

Seated Core Exercises for Seniors

My latest Youtube video about seated core exercises for seniors or people who have trouble getting on and off the floor.        

Are We Under Dosing Our Senior’s Strength Training Programs? (aka GET OUT OF THE CHAIR!)

Historically we have treated seniors carefully, using only light weights and resistance and doing the same simple exercises over and over again. But a growing body of research supports that progressive strength training programs tailored to the individuals capability is our best path to improve function as we age. 

POWER! The missing link in the senior exercise program.

  Traditionally when we think about power and exercise, we think of elite athletes, sprinters, football players, and weight lifters. But the ability to produce power is a key component of improving function and maintaining independence as we age. In this post I will be referring to power as is pertains to seniors and theContinue reading “POWER! The missing link in the senior exercise program.”

What Can Personal Training Offer?

Am I or my loved one too old or frail for personal training? Most likely the answer is NO! You should always check with your doctor before starting and exercise program. If you have some significant disability, physical therapy may be the place to start and then personal training when your course of PT isContinue reading “What Can Personal Training Offer?”

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