Small Group Classes

Do you own a small assisted living home? Or course your staff to resident ratio allows for outstanding care.

Your assisted living has a homey and personal feel. It feels like a home. But that personal touch doesn't allow you to hire a full time activity director.

Your staff is busy but they do their best to provide activities and exercise, maybe you use You Tube videos, but they just don't keep your residents engaged.​

Let Agewell Senior Fitness provide small group exercise classes for your residents. Our trainers and instructors are experienced with older adults. We know how to keep them engaged and provide exercises that benefit them the most.

We can help you provide an amenity that is not only important to the ongoing health and wellness of your residents, but also can make your facility more attractive to prospective resident


One on one in home sessions (45 min session)

88$ per session

Save up to 12% with monthly plans

80$ per session 1 session per week, paid monthly
78$ per session 2 sessions per week, paid monthly ** MOST POPULAR **

Virtual Sessions

55$ for 30 min session (ideal for older deconditioned clients)
70$ for 45 min session (most popular)
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