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Katrina Wolf (owner)

Katrina is the founder of Agewell Senior Fitness. She is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer an ACE Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, and a Certified Functional Aging Specialist. She has been a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant since 1997 and  brings her over 20 years experience working in physical therapy to your home. 

Katrina’s vision for Agewell Senior Fitness is to bring quality, knowledgeable exercise instruction to those who need it most: older adults who may not be able to leave the home easily, and those with health conditions who may be apprehensive about exercise. By matching personal trainers who are also rehab professionals with these clients, Agewell Senior Fitness is able to provide long term exercise instruction to this population. Our goals are to improve strength, reduce fall risk by improving balance and improve quality of life.

Katrina has had her own ups and downs in her fitness journey. Reclaiming her own health and strength though a healthy lifestyle has inspired her to do the same for others. Working with the senior population for 20+ years she has combined  her love of improving peoples lives with her love of fitness. At Agewell Senior Fitness she is able to use her gift of motivating people along with her wealth of knowledge in working with medical conditions and exercise to Mid Maryland

 Her areas of expertise include Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke/CVA, neurological conditions and frail elderly with multiple diagnoses. She has also worked as a personal trainer with clients following joint replacements or other significant surgeries, to continue recovery after their course of physical therapy has been completed.

Contact Katrina to see how she can help you reach your goals of improved quality of life.

Bernadette Schwai

Bernadette is an ACSM certified personal trainer and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She brings 20+ years of experience working with various types of injuries, acute and chronic conditions, and a vast amount of experience working with the aging population.

Bernie’s career in Physical Therapy stemmed from her love of playing sports as a child and grew after experiencing a traumatic sports related injury.   She overcame this devastating set back which has inspired her to do the same for others.

Bernie eventually began working with the senior population in a home care setting and developed a new love for working with aging adult persons. She has a passion for keeping the aging population as mobile and independent as possible. At Agewell Senior Fitness she is able to apply her wealth of knowledge in working with medical conditions and personal experiences to motivate others to overcome barriers and keep their independence and quality of life.

She now specializes as a certified personal trainer working with the senior population with acute and chronic medical conditions. These include generalized deconditioning, Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, cancer, orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Bernadette is also the owner of Thrive Physical Therapy. If you think you might need physical therapy check out Thrive’s Web page.

Bernadette earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UMBC in 1993, a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the UMES in 1998 and a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine in 2014. She has taken extensive continuing education classes in manual therapy from University of St. Augustine, Michigan State Osteopathic School of Medicine and the Jones Institute to improve the lives of those that live with chronic pain and biomechanical dysfunctions.

Bernadette enjoys continuing on her path of fitness in her spare time working out, running, and hiking or doing outdoor activities with her husband, daughter and dog.

Chelsea Fallstich

AAAI/ISMA certified Personal Training 10 + years

Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant 7 years

Certified Yoga instructor

Chelsea Fallstich is a free lance health and wellness professional with 10+ years of experience in therapeutic exercise, functional movement patterns, balance, stretching and preventative care through physical movement. Chelsea’s passion for exercise and its use as a therapeutic tool began in 2008 after completing the AAAI/ISMA personal training course and obtaining her CPT. She spent 4 years working in a corporate gym setting focusing her training toward those with pre-existing and chronic conditions including but not limited to Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Lymphedema, Lupus, high blood pressure, RA as well those with visual and auditory impairments. It was during this time that Chelsea began to witness first hand the immense role exercise played in the management and reduction of symptoms that are associated with many chronic conditions and diseases.

Chelsea graduated from Anne Arundel Community College in 2013 with an Associate of Applied Science Degree after completing the CAPTE accredited CACHE Physical Therapist Assistant program in Arnold, MD. She has been a licensed and practicing PTA for 7 years, specializing in Geriatrics, stroke rehabilitation, joint replacement, Parkinson’s and Parkinsonism and cardiac/cardiopulmonary disease. Her previous experience as a CPT has allowed her the ability to use creativity and diversity in her exercise prescriptions that are both effective and fun.

Chelsea’s education and experience as a CPT and LPTA has been coupled with a 12+ year yoga practice consisting heavily on breath work, body awareness and mindfulness. She is a huge advocate of incorporating yoga techniques and methods into exercise to improve function and to provide a learning tool for the individual that teaches them how to utilize their breath during and outside of exercise to optimize health and well being. She recently completed a 4 month- 200-hour Vinyasa teacher training and is now RYT with Yoga Alliance. Chelsea’s yoga practice includes but is not limited to; Hot yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga and the Bikram Method.

Growing up in a military family, Chelsea had the opportunity to live in many different parts of the world and the United States which has allowed her exposure to many different cultures, languages, religions and life styles which has helped with reinforce adaptability and more importantly the idea of individuality. She recognizes that each exercise prescription and method of delivery should be customized to meet the needs unique to the individual.  Her military upbringing has helped nurture her passion for travel which has taken her to 7 countries in the last 3 years. In additional to traveling, Chelsea’s hobbies include hiking, kayaking, reading and cooking. 

Tracey Benden

Tracey Benden

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Licenced Physical Therapy Assistant

Tracey is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and comes to Agewell Senior Fitness with over 20 years experience as a Physical Therapy Assistant. She earned her BS in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland And PTA degree from NOVA.
Tracey has extensive experience working with sports injuries, back and spine injuries, joint replacements, and vestibular and balance issues. Her emphasis on continuing education has been on postural restoration. Tracey believes in working with the whole client by utilizing her skills and experiences she has gained over the years to give the best client experience and achieve the best outcomes. She is excited about this opportunity to bring her full circle and use her experience as a PTA and to work with the aging population as a Personal Trainer. Tracey serves the Northern Montgomery County area, and South Eastern Frederick County area.

When not working Tracey enjoys hiking and yoga. She also enjoys spending time wiht her husband of 23 years, her 18 year old daughter and 20 year old son.

Bernadette Naegele

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant

Licensed Massage Therapist

Bernadette is an ASCM certified personal trainer, a licensed physical therapist’s assistant as well
as a licensed massage therapist. She has eight years of experience working with the senior
population with various acute and chronic conditions.
Bernadette worked four years in a skilled nursing facility and then four years in a home
healthcare setting and understands the importance of seniors achieving and maintaining their
highest functional mobility to minimize falls and improve their quality of life. She believes this is
achievable through massage therapy and strength training programs and brings her enthusiasm
and experience to the geriatric population. Bernadette has worked with clients that have
conditions such as joint replacements, balance deficits, general deconditioning, and COPD.
As a joint replacement patient herself, Bernadette has personally experienced the positive
effects of post-operative therapy and training.
Bernadette graduated from Fairmont State University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology,
The Baltimore School Of Massage, and has been licensed as a Massage therapist since 2007. She also
graduated from Carroll Community College with an Associate of Applied Science degree as a
Physical Therapist’s Assistant.
In Bernadette’s spare time she enjoys flower gardening, exercising, and reading, as well as
spending time with her two grandchildren.

Contact Agewell Senior Fitness to see how we can help you reach your goals.

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