Dear Client/Family members,                                                                                           3/14/2020

At Agewell Senior Fitness the health and wellbeing of our clients, their families and our trainers is always our number one priority. We have been monitoring the status of the COVID-19 situation very closely.  As of today, we are still seeing clients in their homes.

First and foremost, we want to assure you that infection control has been part of our policy long before COVID-19 arose. All of our trainers have also worked extensively in health care and are very familiar with protocols to prevent transmission of bacteria and viruses. Policies we have always had in place are:

  • Wash/sanitize hands upon enter and exiting the home of a client
  • Clean equipment after each use
  • Do not see client if ill

In addition to these measures we have always had in place, the following policies have been implemented

  • If requested by client or family wear mask or gloves during session (note: masks are very hard to come by right now. We may need to utilize dust masks or painting masks as we can find them.)
  • If a trainer or member of their household is ill, the trainer may not see any clients for 14 days or until released by doctor to return to work
  • If a trainer or member of their household has had contact with a known positive COVID 19 carrier they may not see clients for 14 days or until directed by their doctor.

These are the policies we have in place as of the day of this letter. We may adjust them as the situation changes.

Please, if you are someone in your house becomes ill or is just not feeling well, please call your trainer and cancel the session. You will not be charged.

If any client wishes to suspend visits, we will be happy to credit the current months paid visits for visits in the future.

I personally am limiting my community exposure to my home and my clients at this time, for the safety of my clients. I am avoiding stores if at all possible and am encouraging my trainers to do the same.

If you should have any questions or concerns, I urge you to contact me at:



Yours in Health,

Katrina Wolf

Owner Agewell Senior Fitness LLC



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